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Fluorescent colors.
Water base.
Fast drying
Fine chisel tip. Nontoxic.
Plastic barrel.
4 colors: yellow, green, pink and orange.

Modelo TAT-09

  • Blister con: 1 pieza
    Caja corrugada: 100 blister

  • Blister con: 2 piezas
    Caja corrugada: 100 blister

  • Blister con: 3 piezas
    Caja corrugada: 50 blister

  • Blister with: 4 pieces
    Carton with: 50 blister packs

  • Cardboard folding box with:
    10 pieces
    Carton with: 20 cardboard boxes

  • Plastic folding box with: 20 pieces
    Carton with: 20 plastic boxes


Practical plug with orifice to
place a cord and to be able to
take it to where you want.

Cardboard folding box with 10 pieces.
Model MTXF-09-B1 MTXF-09-B2 MTXF-09-B3
Weight 2.350 kg 3.280 kg 2.300 kg
Measurement 31.5x20.3x19 cm 31.5x20.3x19 cm 31.5x20.3x19 cm


Model MTXF-09-B4 MTXF-09-C10 MTXF-09-C20
Weight 2.830 2.270 2.250
Measurement 31.5x20.3x19 cm 28x14.2x14.5 cm 28x14.2x14.5 cm