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“A tradition that shares”

Baco was born in 1943 in Mexico City, as a result of the dream of Horst Urich-Sass. This great visionary and businessman created one of the soundest firms in our country, pioneer in the commercial stationary sector who, through the years, was able to build one of the leading factories for the manufacture of school and office products which, up until today, is part of the stationary sector’s history in Mexico.

Today, just as with the manufacturing of die-stamping products early on, Baco continues with the inertia of developing new school and office products, keeping always ahead in the manufacturing and distribution processes. Presently, in Baco, we produce more than 400 products, proudly manufactured in our facilities by our very respectable Mexican labor force.


Baco continues to be a proactive company with plenty of plans, abiding -year after year- by its philosophy of development, fostering always growth and expansion projects. Baco exports to more than 21 countries, which is proof its quality and capacity.

After 66 years from its foundation and always following the precepts of respect, quality, service and price, Baco keeps as fresh and motivated as in the early days.

With this remembrance we want to thank, as always, our customers for the opportunity they give us to serve them, our fellow workers with our sincere recognition for their extraordinary cooperation and our suppliers for their invaluable support and trust.

Dear customer, suppliers, fellow workers and friends, we are pleased to serve you!